HTC ‘Perfume’ rumored to be next flagship with Android 6.1 and Sense 8

Despite the fact that the One A9 is still relatively new, some people are already keeping their eyes to the future, anticipating the next true flagship device from the manufacturer. According to a new rumor, HTC’s next device may not be the O2 as previously suggested.

A well-known leaker of HTC details, LlabTooFeR, has tweeted out that the device known as the O2 is “dead” and that HTC is focusing on something else entirely now. It’s reportedly codenamed “Perfume,” and only a couple of details have found their way to the surface as of now. According to the rumor, HTC’s Perfume will feature Android 6.1 right out of the gate and will have Sense 8 running atop it.

The Perfume codename will clearly be dropped by the time the device gets to being officially announced, so don’t expect that to be the title you’d have to tell your friends. As far as any other details go, that’s still up in the air at this point. It’s likely that HTC will continue to use metal frames for its devices, including on the Perfume.

Are you looking forward to whatever new flagship HTC announces in 2016?

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