HTC One M9 INK shows off its new tattoo

The HTC One M9 went out and got a tattoo, and now it wants to show you its ink.

HTC today revealed the One M9 INK, a limited edition version of its flagship Android phone that features a body art-style design on its backside. The design was created by model Jourdan Dunn and tattoo artist Cally-Jo Pothecary.

There’s no word on when the HTC One M9 INK will launch or how much it’ll cost, but if you want one, you can tell HTC. The company has a page on which you can register your interest in the HTC One M9 INK by sharing your email address, your current device, and your contract end date.

The design that’s been tattooed onto the lower back of the HTC One M9 INK looks nice, and because it’s gray and just on the lower back of the phone, it’s not quite as ostentatious as some of HTC’s past limited edition phones. What will be interesting is seeing how much this special One M9 costs and how many HTC is going to sell.

What do you think of the One M9 INK’s tattoo?

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