HTC may put ads onto BlinkFeed homescreen

BlinkFeed is a staple of HTC devices, making your home screen a feed for all important news and social media happenings. Many people like having all that info at a glance without having to enter a specific app, so it would be a shame if the service was ruined in any way. And if this leak is to be believed, ruined it might be.

It looks like HTC is planning to add ads to BlinkFeed, to be displayed at the top in the highlights area. Not only will there be regular ads (if I see another Clash of Clans ad, I’ll throw my phone out the window), but HTC will also showcase its other products like the HTC RE camera. There will also potentially be exclusive deals available through the ads.

While it’s good that HTC could have an extra source of revenue, not everything needs ads. We’re bombarded with ads everywhere we go, and ads are understandable for a free service. But when you buy a device with certain features on it, seeing ads is ridiculous. Leave our smartphones alone! But what do you guys think of the issue? Leave a comment!

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