HTC Mail app is now live in the Google Play store

Lately HTC’s been steadily releasing its custom Sense apps in Google Play, and today the company added another to the list.

HTC Mail is now live in Google Play, and it’s got a lot of the features that you’d expect from an email app. That includes support for services like Gmail and Outlook, the ability to search for messages, and support for tweaking the text of your messages by changing its color, font, and more.


HTC Mail requires Android 5.0, and right now it looks like there are some device restrictions on the app too, because it’s not compatible with a One M7 that I’ve got access to. That’ll likely change soon, though, giving more HTC One users access to the app so that they can get future new features and bug fixes in a hurry.

HTC’s custom email app can be found at the link below.

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