HTC INK will bring limited edition designs to the One M9

Last year, HTC introduced the Phunk Studio Edition One M8, with very distinct designs imprinted on the back of limited edition handsets. There weren’t many made available, but for those that liked this design decision, there might be another chance to get a customized smartphone, except this time a One M9.

HTC has just shed light on what it calls INK, a new program that will see the debut of customized One M9 units with detailed artwork on the back of the devices. According to HTC, these are “custom-designed, body art-inspired engravings,” and the company even showcased what some of those designs might look like with an image put together by celebrity tattoo artist Cally-Jo Pothecary and supermodel Jourdan Dunn, as seen below.

image HTC INK sample

Unfortunately, any further details regarding the INK program are still unknown right now. Just how many devices that HTC plans to release, or how many different artists and designs will be used is anyone’s guess right now. However, it’s certainly one way to make the One M9 stand out even more than it already does.

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