HTC hopes to capture 8 percent of India’s mid- to low-end smartphone market

HTC might not be faring well in the high-end smartphone market these days, but the company has released a handful of mid-range devices that are quite compelling. It’s with these new smartphones that HTC hopes to capture 8 percent of India’s mid-range smartphone sales in the next 6 months. With the recent launch of the mid-range One A9 and budget Desire 828 in India, HTC is kicking off an offensive that the company hopes will help sell millions of devices and improve HTC’s overall market share in the country.

Sales of smartphones increase over 20 percent during the third quarter of this year, with 65 percent of sales falling within the mid-range to budget categories (Rs 8,000-15,000). HTC’s high-end smartphones are well represented in India, but Chia-Lin Chang, HTC President of Global Sales, admits that HTC has not done a good job in the low-end and mid-range segments in India. “In India, 65 percent of smartphones sold are below the Rs 10,000 price point. Till now, we didn’t participate in that market… If we can capture 2 percent of the budget phones sold in India, we will have a huge growth momentum in India taking our global revenues higher.”

While HTC probably won’t make much profit with these new devices, selling more devices helps them keep manufacturing and set costs in check, allowing them to pull in better profit margins on high-end smartphone sales in other regions.

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