HTC facing partial-sale ban in Germany later this month

The Mannheim District Court in Germany has issued an injunction against the sale of HTC smartphones by Deutsche Telekom. The injunction, which goes into effect later this month, follows the courts favorable decision towards Acacia Research Group LLC which claimed that HTC smartphones infringe on one of its voice coding patents. The company has successfully licensed its patents to Samsung, Apple Huawei and other major smartphone manufacturers but had failed to negotiate a licensing agreement with HTC.

The good news is that the injunction does not ban the sale of all HTC phones in Germany. The court case only targeted HTC phones sold by Deutsche Telekom. If you live in Germany, you’ll still be able to buy HTC phone from other service providers or electronics stores across the country.

Naturally, HTC is planning to appeal the injunction, but we do not know if Deutsche Telekom will be able to continue to sell HTC phones during the appeal process. It’s hard to say how the sales injunction will affect HTC’s bottom line, but the company’s been in a rut for way too long and they need every sales outlet possible if they plan to turn things around in 2016.

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