HTC drops RE Camera to $149 along with 50 percent off accessories

HTC is offering a few discounts just in time for Father’s Day and, of course, for the recent graduates as well.

Probably the most enticing offer is $50 off the HTC RE Camera, which saw a similar discount for Mother’s Day, but seems a bit more appropriate for the recent grad crowd. It may not be as durable as a GoPro, but in reality most GoPro owners don’t really put those cameras to the test. Plus, the RE has considerably better sharing functionality, including YouTube live streaming.

HTC is also offering 50 percent off accessories when you buy at least three. This gift could help you out as well if you have an item or two for your dad or grad and then maybe an item or two at a nice discount for yourself.

Last up, HTC is offering 50 percent off on any photo cards printed through HTC Print Studio when you use the code DAD at checkout. You can download the app here.

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