HTC denies any talk of a merger with ASUS

Last week, comments made by ASUS Chairman Johnny Shih sparked a lot of buzz about the possibility of ASUS purchasing HTC. HTC, however, isn’t feeling quite as chummy as many of us were led to believe. This morning, HTC released a statement that vehemently denied any possibility of a merger with ASUS and stated that the two companies had not been in contact about such an acquisition. Check out the statement below:

We strongly deny the news. We didn’t contact Asusteck and will not consider the acquisition. As an international brand, HTC will continue to design world-class innovative smart devices through its pursuit of brilliance brand promise.

So it looks like HTC and ASUS won’t be getting together any time soon. That being said, HTC is going to have to figure something out, as the company is facing a tough quarter with lackluster sales and a mixed response to its latest flagship, the HTC One M9. While a merger may not be a possibility right now, there’s a strong chance that HTC could be acquired at some point down the road.

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