HTC-built smart scale shows up in Bluetooth SIG database

HTC has yet to announce when the re-worked HTC Grip will launch, but a new listing on the Bluetooth SIG product database shows that HTC and UnderArmour are working on a new fitness-focused device. Named the UA Scale, the new Bluetooth-enables smart scale will measure weight and body fat, likely transferring the data to UnderArmour’s UA Record app in your smartphone. The official product description reads: “HTC & UA provide a Bluetooth scale to measure weight and body fat.”

While smart scales are not a new concept, the few that are currently on the market are all basically the same. The Garmin Index Smart Scale and the FitBit Aria both measure weight, body mass index, body fat and muscle mass, keeping track of all the details in their respective apps while tracking your progress over time. If HTC and UnderArmour do get around to launching the HTC Grip, a Bluetooth connected smart scale seems to be the perfect companion product.

With the UnderArmour brand and marketing support, do you think HTC’s connected devices will be able to improve the company’s bottom line in 2016?

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