How To Turn Wi-Fi Calling AT & T In IOS 9

The public beta of iOS 9 has an interesting new feature for customers of AT & T calls Wi-Fi. With this feature, users of IOS 9 may transfer your phone to your local Wi-Fi network calls. This feature is especially useful if you ever find yourself without cellular connection.

As reported last week 9to5Mac site, this feature is still in the stage of deployment and is not available to all users of iOS in September, so if you can not switch to it today, you have to keep trying.

I could activate and use the function without adding anything to my AT & T account, but still do not know if things will change when the official version of iOS in September comes.

For now, these are the steps you have to follow to start taking advantage of function calls Wi-Fi in IOS 9:

*Initializes the settings app (Settings).
*Sliding down and select Phone from the list of options. (You can also search through the Settings app for calls over Wi-Fi if you wish).
*Select calls over Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi Calling) from the list.
*Slide the switch to Wi-Fi Calling On position.

The next screens that appear will ask you to confirm that you want to activate the Wi-Fi calls. You will also be asked to verify the direction from which you plan to make calls over Wi-Fi.

If the service is not yet available for your device, you will receive an error page, but do not see this page until you have completed the setup process – which is rare.

After activating the Wi-Fi calls on my iPhone, it took almost an hour for the Wi-Fi indicator to appear next to the name of the operator shown at the top of the screen.

As to make or receive calls over Wi-Fi, the process is similar to other devices and services. Your iPhone will do everything for you – all you have to do is pick up the phone and call.

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