How to take screenshots on LG PRO LITE D680?

before ios 7 and had a lot of things could hecer how to capture screen quick and easy, but change for android phone and now can not even know how to make a screenshot.

also take the opportunity to ask as you do to move all my apps will phone memory to the micro SD, since it is a can every time I update app puts me to no space, which could not receive messages, etc.

I hope soon to Guien responada me !!

Thank you !!



  • power + volume down

    you must press the Home button and the Power / Lock, capture will be saved to the folder of images from mobile phones

    It is correct but only work with IOS I have tried to do with the LG PRO LITEy not work !!

    In Android screenshots, from 4.0 are taken by pressing power + volume down.

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