How to save data on Android phones


Right now we live in a time where data rates are cheap if we compare data packets between several operated, but before it was not. In time data plans were far from cheap and then emerged alternatives to reduce data consumption in Android .

Although the situation now is not comparable, because you can get generous plans for a pittance data, any savings we can get is appreciated. Not only for our consumption, but the connection speed we can get.

Monthly spending limit

One of the most drastic action is to declare that from some consumption data, all connection stops .It is ideal for those who want to comply with the maximum their expenses and not overpay. Although very useful applications, it is difficult to do better than from the operating system itself.

To fit the highest since the system only need to go to Settings and then to use data . From there we can adjust our limits according to our preferences, setting an absolute limit after which nothing is transmitted by mobile data, and a warning for us to be aware.

As a bonus, we can see exactly what apps are responsible for our spending on certain dates. This will help us to a point below

Opera Max

Applications to reduce consumption of mobile data

We’ve limited the amount of data that we can consume, but what if we want to consume accessing the same content? The best we can do is use applications with data saving mode.

A good option is to use Opera Max to reduce overall consumption of applications . This application creates a connection to a VPN company that is activated when using mobile data. All the information that passes by is compressed with negligible loss of quality for mobile.

If we want something centered on the browser , touch enabled some features of savings, as has the browser Chrome since version 32. Enabling this option will likewise go through servers such companies, which would also help slow connections .

Finally, if despite all this there is an application that is too clever touches cut off their access to mobile networks . To do this the best way is to go through Settings -> Data usage and find the application that triggers these problems. Then select your report and see the end the option to disable automatic connections over mobile networks.

As you can see, we have many ways to achieve savings in our mobile data and our bill. There are many other ways, like using the same service applications that consume less, but we have focused on reducing overall consumption.

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