How to recover the password for a WiFi to which you have connected to your Android

Find out WiFi key accessed

Let’s face it, is a vice browse from your Android phone, Internet access and share experiences, pictures and talking with friends from anywhere. The best, provided it is available, is a WiFi connection , because its bandwidth fluidity and cost less or zero. The problem is that sometimes we need to remember one password in a WiFi that we used and if you usually do list these connections can be quite curious. So the following steps will help you discover how to retrieve this password .

Networks WiFi to which you have connected are saved in a file that is in a system folder . The problem is that in order to access the entire contents of this folder need root privileges on your Android , so if you have not activated (eye, you can lose the guarantee Mobile) will regret not being able to use this tutorial or like this is the excuse you were looking to make root your Android. Well, get to work:

  1. You need to have root on your mobile, we’ve left a link on the bottom of this article.
  2. You have to download a file browser that allows access to the root folders. You also have access to the bottom of this article to a free application that you can do.
  3. Already with the browser, you have to reach the folder / data / misc / wifi ( 1 ). Look closely, not space memory card. Normally all file browsers start at the root of the SD card, so you have to give up the option to level up to the root.
  4. Already in the folder / data / misc / wifi have to open the file wpa_supplicant.conf ( 2 ) which is where the history of each WiFi to which you’ve connected, either free or protected saved. If you are not root you can get to this folder but will not see this file, since it is hidden because it is only accessible if you root your Android.
  5. In the list you will see the names of each WiFi / SSDI ( 3 ) and then you’ll see the password ( 4 ).Also you can see what type of security used ( 5 ).

Find out WiFi key accessed

Note: depending on the version of Android, the path and file name may change, but there exists at all, so go leaving comments where I have found and what Android phone and have since.

I hope you find it useful and that you use it with good intentions.

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