How to move more applications to the SD without being root?


Until yesterday thought to force the move applications to the SD (applications that do not support it in principle) had to be root and partition of the SD card as ext, which makes Android interpret it as part of the internal memory. It is a process that in some phones can be complex, and above all, be root entails some risks that some people are not willing to take.

An alternative method, and simpler than the previous one, to move applications to the SD.Applications that do not support it in principle. It may not work on all phones, but worth trying. In the Nexus One works great. For example, moving Adobe Flash Player is possible and would be assigned 74 KB instead of 17 MB . Thanks Paul for explain in the comments of an input . Of course it is essential to have at least Android 2.2 Froyo .

The first thing to do is follow the same steps as already explained to take screenshots with the SDK for Android. We guide for Windows , OSX and up to GNU / Linux . This step is the most tedious. You have to do all the steps, ie not only install the SDK but enable debug mode phone .

Having done this we find the application adb , which is installed in a folder installation SDK . This folder can be tools , plataform-tools or other, depending on the operating system and version of theSDK installed.

Now we open a terminal. I imagine that in OSX and GNU / Linux will be no problems, but for Windows users, to give to Start, Run and put cmd is enough. Go to the folder where is adb and type:

adb shell

We should see the symbol $ . Now we just have to write the following:

setInstallLocation 2 pm

We will not get more response than another $ . But now we can move many more applications to the SD . It is best to use App2SD to see it more clearly. We can now move applications to the SD previously could not move, including Google Reader, Google Docs, Flash Player, etc. There are still many who can not be moved, such as Gmail, Google Maps, etc. But we will release a precious space.

And of course, careful because some applications may not function properly if the move . And as always, if you move an application that has widgets, they stop working.

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