How to manage two accounts Dropbox on Android?


We often have multiple accounts on Dropbox, either for more space or because we have a personal account and one for the job. And the trouble with the official Dropbox app is that you can not have two partner accounts only. Therefore we face how to have two Dropbox accounts on your Android device .

For me the best solution to this situation is to use ES File Explorer. This file administrator that we reviewed a while and allows not only browse local folders terminal but also for cloud services. It is able to navigate the main storage services in the cloud, Dropbox, Sugarsync,, Skydrive, Google Drive , etc.

But best of all, you can add as many want accounts of each of these services. We can have two Dropbox accounts without any problems, and navigation through folders is very fast. For me it is the best application to access multiple Dropbox accounts and the like.

The only downside is that this application does not have the functionality official application to automatically upload photos and videos to the cloud. We are facing a hard-nosed browser files, though not surprise me in the future will implement new things, because most of the recent development has been to add more cloud services .

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