How to make Chrome fly and consumes less RAM on Android


No doubt, Chrome is one of the most efficient and fastest few browsers can be found not only in the Android system, but also in many other platforms, mobile or desktop. Still, there is a way back this tool even more lightweightand can be carried out without any complication, completing only a couple of steps that we detail throughout the article.

Most users of high-end devices a few years to this part,  will not have any complaints about the operation of Chrome. On the contrary, normal (if enjoy a good Internet connection) is found reasonably satisfied with the results of this popular browser. However, teamsslightly older , with 1GB of RAM or less, may not be so convinced of the benefits of Chrome.If that’s the case, we recommend you do the following to enjoy greater speed navigation:

How to improve the response of Chrome

Launch the application and when have open type in the address bar URL: ‘ chrome: // flags / # max-tiles-for-interest-area ‘(without the quotes), then press Enter.


Then we will get a screen like the one below, with part of the first of the lines highlighted in yellow: Maximum number of tiles the area of interestScreenshot_2015-06-15-12-38-06-656x492

I recommend trying first with 256 and if still not convince pass 512 . .


Once we have selected, press the button to reset in the bottom of the screen, then Chrome will close and reopen alone. Aesthetically not notice any difference, just we appreciate that pages and images load much faster than usual.

Other aspects to consider

Performing the above operation, as I say, we will give you an extra revolution Chromewithout noticing any deficiency in return. However, there are many other reasons why the browser can go slow: A bad connection or poor servers of the web that we charge are common.

It is also possible that our tablet is the limit of their forces because we have many applications running in the background or simply because the memory is full of information.If this is the case a few weeks ago we told you a number of tricks to lighten your operationthat you can implement.

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