How to Install WhatsApp On A Tablet

1. Use A Web WhatsApp Android Tablet
WhatsApp website is also available for tablets. This is possibly the easiest way to use the messaging service through the tablet as long as the application on your smartphone is turned on and working perfectly. If your phone is off or has no connection to the Internet, Web WhatsApp not function.

As a first step, you should make sure you have Google Chrome installed on the tablet and also confirm that you have marked the option ‘View as computer’. To do this, you click on the three dots in the upper right corner, and check the option ‘View as computer’.


Then, enter the page where you will see a QR code that must scan with your smartphone (for that you have fully updated the application). In WhatsApp settings (upper left corner), choose ‘WhatsApp Web’ and allow you to scan the code. Once detected, a few seconds will appear on your tablet every conversation you have in the smartphone and can write, send and receive messages both as images or videos.2

In the same place where you hold to scan the QR code on your smartphone, you will see from what devices you are connected to WhatsApp Web as well as its location and name of the terminal, and can leave them easily.

Here you have a video where we explain:

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