How to install Google Play in our Android

Google Play

Yesterday the news of the day was definitely the launch of Google Play . As you know, this platform will replace the old Android Market and yet absorb and other services converge distribution has Google: books, music and videos. All in the same place and with the advantage of being able to synchronize all data between multiple devices easily.

Although some changes have already been made, for example when accessing the Android Market website leads to the new address of Google Play, there are several things to be done; including the application reaches our androids. If you do not want to wait, today we explain how you can already install .

The procedure is simple and does not require root nor do any complex configuration. Just got off the apk from Google Play and installed manually on your device. Done, and we can say goodbye to the Android Market and enjoy this new platform.

Aspectually application introduces few changes beyond the basics to identify to Google Play.Currently audiovisual content, music and movies are not available and we have to wait for the Google own the available for sale beyond US borders.

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