How to install Android 4.3 (JWR66Y) in Nexus rooteados?


As you well we said here, shortly after the first update to Android 4.3 in the Nexus came a new update , this time lower, correcting security flaws. Now if imitators of our guide for rooting Android 4.3this new update will be given a fault and can not be installed correctly. How do you do?

The reason that the update is not installed is that to have root on Android 4.3 is required SuperSU is installed as system application . By having a system application that is not in the ROM update the original script was unsuccessful for security reasons (to avoid bricks ).

What steps should we take to actualiar? It’s actually quite simple. Just take root, update, and then regain root privileges. Consider the steps in detail.

  1. Open SuperSU. In Settings there is an option to completely desrootear the terminal. We do. Here we have lost root (and SuperSU)
  2. Now give it to install the update. This time it will not give any error. Remember that at the end (if ye use ClockWorkMod Recovery) will ask if you want to prevent flashing of recovery, say yes.
  3. When you restart your device you will see that we are on Android 4.3 JWR66Y. Now we have to get back the root. You only have to follow the steps in our guide .

As I say it is very simple, though somewhat more tedious than normal.

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