How To install And Set Up Authy For Two-Factor Authentication On Your Android

Using two-factor authentication is a great way to protect yourself and your data. It’s also fairly easy to do once you get used to having an extra step when you first use an account on your Android. Using it on multiple devices is easy with Authy.

There are several great apps you can use on your phone to get a 2FA (that’s the abbreviation fortwo-factor authentication and it’s much easier to type) token when you need one, and if you have multiple things with a screen that may need access to 2FA codes, Authy is pretty hard to beat. After you set up an Authy account, you can install the app on all your Android devices and any computer that has the Chrome web browser and the Authy extension installed. The first thing you need to do is install the Authy app from Google Play on a phone with a working SIM card.

During the initial setup, Authy will need to send you a registration PIN. This can be done via an SMS message or a phone call, so make sure the phone you’re using has service. You’ll also want this primary device to be available when you set up Authy on any other devices because it acts as a master — the phone number you enter will need to “approve” other installations as a security measure. Let’s get started.

Once you have Authy installed, open the app and you’ll be prompted to enter a phone number. This number will be tied to your Authy account (you can change it in the settings if you ever need to) when you set up another device to use Authy.

If this is the first device and you’re creating a new account, enter your phone number here. If this is a second (or third, or etc.) device, enter the phone number you used when you created an account. You will need access to the phone using the number you enter here.

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