How to increase the volume of the Nexus 5 with a little skill

Nexus speaker 5

One of the Achilles heels of the Nexus 5 is the power of your speaker. It could give more of themselves and all those who have tried have come to the same conclusion: flojea. However, it seems that no solution to the problem .

In XDA , have published a short guide to solve the problem of power speaker Nexus 5 . How?Being a little hands, this time the issue is not about flash zips from the recovery of the phone.

To improve the volume of our Nexus 5, we will make a few holes under, not in it, the back cover of the phone. Thus achieve 13 decibels increase the power of the speaker. Not particularly complex but requires some skill.

As told in XDA , the results of this experiment may vary from person to person so you may not get the desired objective.

From Engadget Android moment we are investigating more about the subject and effectiveness of this method. When we have more information I’ll tell but for now, it seems that the problem of the volume is not due to a design decision but to a manufacturing problem.

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