How to get rid of customizing a manufacturer without being an expert?

HTC One (M8)

Yesterday I discussed the best method to eliminate , once and for all, Android customizations from different manufacturers. But such modification involves some complicated actions risky and perhaps for many users: manage to be root and change the ROM .

This operation involves some risk that many users are not willing to take. First, get root in many cases invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty; Second, there is a risk that the terminal does not start and we get into a good mess; Third, you must delete the data and retrieve everything as it was sometimes tedious; and fourth, sometimes the best ROM about everything runs smoothly and is, regardless of appearance, official. Anyway, there are a number of disadvantages that can cause not everyone is anime.

Alternatives to change the ROM

So we will discuss alternatives to have a terminal with the least possible customizations without having to root and change our operating system Android.

The first is the most obvious, the launcher . Our desktop is our interaction with Android, and is also where manufacturers affect more with your customizations. If we want to charge most customizations manufacturers simply change the launcher. The alternatives are numerous and interesting .

This alone will see that most interactions customizations manufacturers are greatly reduced. Certainly there are things like the settings menu or shortcut bar that are very stuck in the operating system and are difficult to replace. Perhaps most disturbing are the applications that come standard and can not be uninstalled.

Hiding standard applications

Since Android 4.0 is possible to disable factory applications . With this we do not appear in the applications menu or updates available we appear when we open Google Play. Definitely a very useful stop bothering these applications that manufacturers strive to get us by force form.

Hide apps in Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)

The way to do this and have had previously . Just go to Settings, Applications, selecionar we want and give it to disable. Beware do this with critical applications for operating the terminal, and we can do that then things may not work correctly.

With these two changes, launcher and hide applications, we can give a facelift important to our terminal , to disappear, at least in part, the footprint of the manufacturer and with little effort and little technical demands.

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