How to Get Free 50GB Box without having to root

Free Box

Although Dropbox is a file service in the cloud par excellence, there are interesting alternatives.Among them we Box , a proposal that fulfills the same function: upload your documents to the cloud to consult from your computer, mobile phone or tablet. On the surface it seems another service without any added value but we can enlarge our Android, and never better your chances.

Some manufacturers, including LG reached agreements with Box to offer users a series of terminals50GB instead of the 5 offered for free. Now, thanks to a user on XDA we increase our space has an application, we need to root nor have any particular model to get.

The procedure is simple . If you do not have an account at Box checked on the website or throughthe application of the Market , which we will have to download in order to use our Android. Then, download this application and installed manually.

This done, the open and enter the data from our account in Box. Its creator says does not store account data so if we ended deinstalarla can not always be trusted and change the password below.This done, we will email saying that our account has been updated.

It’s that simple. Compared with the space that offers free Dropbox and other services the difference is remarkable . The application for Android, which I will discuss in depth shortly, works quite well but is missing a desktop version that integrates with the system file browser.

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