How to filter emails from Gmail and configure notifications for Android


Now thanks to smartphones and data rates have provided access to our email . Our mobile alerts us instantly when we reached a new email and this is an advantage can become a nuisance if we have filtered our mails.

Many email clients offer us the possibility to create filters to organize emails say and say what we want to tell us your mobile to keep the phone rings with e minor as advertising messages. Then we will see the basics to create filters in Gmail .

Filtering emails

To create the filters need to do it from the website of Gmail and a computer. In our tray received’ll have to locate the emails that we do not want to arrive in the Inbox, and post discount coupons, advertising or social networking messages. There beside the date of mailing a drop-down with the option of Filter messages like this .

We were created to search the mail from the sender you want to filter. Here we give to Create a filter with the specified search criteria . In this new window apply the label you want, if you want the filter to be applied to old conversations mark “Also apply filter to conversations that match …” and if we want to get emails from that sender to have to dial Received Skip the Inbox (Archive it) .

Once you have done this in the toolbar on the left of Gmail with tray received, sent, drafts and Co. see the labels created by us, where we can change the color, and if you have decided to file them we will new emails that have no read every label, but these archived emails do not appear in the Inbox.

If you do not want to create many filters to redirect some emails to the same label we can modify the filter to add more email addresses by adding the OR operator. Nor do you need to put the full email, for example to create a filter Advertising we can put in the “From:” string “mediamarkt OR fnac OR carrefour OR hipercor OR decathlon OR etc …” Any court having such word in your email will be sent directly to the label Advertising. To edit a filter we have to go to Settings> Filters.

Configuring Notifications

Once created the filters, if we choose those messages are archived no longer warn us mobile default when we get an email from this label. To see if you have new mail and we need to open the Gmail app and look on their labels. If we want if we notify the mobile of any specific label to configure synchronization and notifications from Gmail application.

Within a label either have to press Menu> More> Settings and select your Gmail account. In sync input and labels select which labels we want to be synchronized so that upon entering the application does not have to manually update the label to see if there is new mail.

Downstream of “sync input and labels” are labels that report where we already say that synced labels want the mobile advise us on the notification bar, with that tone, and if we want to warn only once with the first mail arrives that label or all they arrive.

To create and configure the labels correctly we can prevent many emails do not interest us make us sound mobile, and if we have synchronized all tags lengthen the battery life and can reduce data consumption by not receiving the mobile many emails because Gmail uses push technology where the server is what our mobile alerts that have new mail for you to download it. Those archived emails without synchronization prevent the phone has automatically downloaded, so save data and battery to avoid the synchronization process.

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