How to disable notifications for applications on Android

Disable notifications in Android

With Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) came the new notifications, much more comprehensive and dynamic , like widgets with which we can now have buttons for actions and gestures expand its information, but also add the ability to disable notifications not want.

There are many applications that keep us off your notifications from your own settings, and when we are not interested notifications this can be annoying, especially if they are applications that have not yet been adapted to the new conditions of Google Play and still do misuse of notifications to show ads.

Disabling notifications in Android

Disable notifications Android

Disable notifications of applications from Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) is simple. We just have to open the “Application Information”, uncheck “Show Notifications” and confirm that you want to disable notifications for that application.

We can access the “Application Information” in several ways depending on our device. We can access information on the application from Settings> Manage Applications> All and find the app you want to disable notifications in some devices dragging the application icon to information application and another way is directly from a notification of the application to this end we just need to press and hold on the notification appears to us the option to view application information

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