How to detect if the phone you are buying is a fake

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It’s not common, but it can happen, that you buy a phone and you end up realizing that it is false.Imitations exist in many products and telephony is no exception, so you would not be the first to fall into the trap if you get one of these surprises.

Let’s see how to detect such counterfeits , which can give a scare to make us buy a completely different from the original device. Though outwardly we may look identical at first glance, these are the keys that can make us suspicious.

Shopping from China: clones

Of course we do not speak here of the manufacturers that come from China and try to compete with the rest of equals. In general all high range phones come with imitations of other manufacturers of Chinese origin who exclusively to that. A couple of familiar names are Goophone (arriving launch imitations before the product reaches the market itself) or Feiteng.


Worse than we can find, in general, when browsing websites of Chinese origin are other imitations made to lead to deception. In many cases the name is unclear. ‘GT-N9006’ might seem a version of Note 3, which has a similar name (GT-N9005 model for sale in europe). The reality is that it is a much smaller version features, and how it whenever a new high-end land appear.

Therefore, we must be cautious, often these phones are sold in a specification of similar appearance (screen 5.7 “Quad Core 3G), and aesthetically get close enough to the original product if you do not have to test next.

But as you can guess not had a phone that cost in somewhat manufactured to be sold for less than that amount. The bill of components is reduced from beginning to end.

Where we can more quickly notice is on the screen of the device, which in the case of Amoled is obvious (the LCD by which replace them are often of poor quality). Of course also inside, introducing low-end MediaTek chips or even falsifying paragraph software, saying that carries a version of Android that does not include.

Be careful whom you buy and wary of offers ‘too good’

But sometimes there who emerges from these phones on the second-hand market, and tries to pass them off as the original phone. In fact, we should avoid, or at least assume these sellers without possibility of return guarantees or shops.

As in most things, common sense kicks , and you better be careful lest we fall into the trap. As we know, nobody gives ‘hard to pesetas’. If we sell the latest HTC and suspiciously approaching half despite kilo , or have a smaller different tact, more errors than normal batteries (miniaturization is difficult and it does either, to maintain the exterior size we get to see batteries closer) or processors that do not measure up, we suspect.


The best thing here is to have an identical suspect phone you want to buy to measure them face to face. If we feel that a phone can not be the original, it’s because it probably is . No matter what we are trying to sell a box and original invoice, if the phone is not.

Some of the fakes even adultery specifications with the device. So that can not easily tell which is the processor of the phone, by far that we look at applications such as CPU Z, Antutu Benchmarking or other applications.

Check IMEI

But putting in the worst case, assuming that we have already made with one of these phones, there’s always the litmus test: check the IMEI. The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity, for its acronym in English), the something like the passport of these devices. This code is unique, and each phone is listed with one of these sequences of 15 numbers.

Often we can find this number on purchase invoices, terminal boxes or in this one. With one press on the phone application * # 06 # , should appear. Counterfeit phones lacking IMEI or wear fake .

Imei Nexus 4

To test this, we can be useful check on any online database . And as always, if we are wrong, we probably would not be the first internet naive at all. Googling can help us find similar cases with details that we can come in handy when foresee such situations.

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