How to delete photos from Google+ and avoid backup.

I would like to know how to avoid backup Google+. When I take a picture with my Android phone, I get a backup of the photos and get on my Google+ account where anyone can access. How or where it is configured so that the copies are not made, I just want to take a picture and leave them on the phone and then copy them to point to Dropbox or any cloud on my own.

On the other hand, I want to delete all photos from my Google+ account but can not find an option to do so, I can only delete one by one and have like over 5000.

Finally, these 5000 photos, most are pictures I’ve posted on my blog. If I delete Google+ account was deleted from the articles published? No way that the photo to be published in an article, not published in my gallery Google+? That is annoying, having google + account with a photo blog invasion.


  • To disable the automatic upload of pictures to G + you have to go to Settings> Accounts> google> google +> Camara de fotos> autosave and hence the active and deactivate. There is also the automatic upload to google account for that must go to Settings> Accounts> google> your google account and disable the option to google photos. What can not be deleted blog are photos of the items disappear because, besides those photos you see them internally but are not in your profile G + I think, but do not you go to the gallery of the phone. Just have done the previous 2 steps and then go to settings> applications> all> gallery> clear data
  • Ok thank you for the answer.

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