How to change the tone of certain contacts in Android?


Surely more than once we wished to know who calls us just listening to the tone . Or that even when we called some contacts the phone does not ring or rings with a low tone. Well, Android accomplish this is possible and is quite simple, we will explain.

The only problem we have is that the phone dialer and phonebook two Android applications that manage our contacts and where you can select the ringtones are usually replaced by each manufacturer, which is difficult to find a universal recipe. We will explain how pure Android , so what you see in the Nexus and some custom terminals (eg Bq) and give some clues to do so in other manufacturers.

Pure Android: Changing the ringtone, easy


In pure Android from version 4.0, change the tone is very simple. Simply go to contacts (Contacts application), find the contact you want to modify, press the menu button (physical key or button with three dots on the top right) and give Establish tone. If we place Edit allows us to change the contact information but not the tone, watch this.

Once we give to Set Tone will leave us choose the tone or from the system menu or from an application that we have installed to select files (eg a file browser). If we use the system menu will have the option to select “none” not to ring your terminal if you call the contact, apart from apparate tones that are saved in the default folder.

Other manufacturers

The problem, of course, is hardly any manufacturer respects the agenda of pure Android and puts his own, often integrated with mercador phone. But this does not mean it’s complicated. Normally the steps are similar. Open the calendar, contact and look good on the menu or directly we can choose the ringtone for that contact.

If you do not have the option to set as ringtone “None”, simply find an audio file that is silent on the Internet, copy it to your phone, and use of tone. It is a very useful trick to not bother us but if the only goal we have no applications that allow us to reject calls from specific numbers.

We hope you have been interesting.

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