How to change the Nexus 4 keeping the rest like?

From Engadget Android answers comes this interesting question from Javier: how to change mobile and not lose anything? . Javier, like many, is looking forward to having a new Nexus 4 , even though it already had a Android, and wants the transition as seamless as possible. Nothing to install everything again, business as usual .

My advice to do this is clearly using a full backup tool. Specifically Titanium Backup. The catch: you must be root in both the terminal source and the destination terminal. Specifically in the Nexus 4 and the bootloader can be unlocked , then the rooteo coming soon. All Nexus can rootear and this will be no exception.

So first thing to do is to install Titanium Backup . I recommend the paid version especially for the comfort when you restore all applications. In the originating terminal we have to do is make a backup of all installed applications. Then we get this data to a PC, can be found in the / sdcard / Titanium Backup.

In the destination terminal copy that folder, abrimo Titanium Backup and restore both applications and data. It is very fast and comfortable and then have our applications as those we had in our previous Android. Beware restorations system applications, there is better restore only data, and not all.

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