How to change application that opens a file by default?

For that, I would like to know how to change the application that opens a file. When for the first time you open a particular type of file, you question with which application you want it open, and if brands ‘always open’ and not to be more question, how you can change this and do you really ask again or use another application? Greetings to all


If opening a web page, for example, I opened the skyfire, which you would have to do is go to application manager as if you were to desisnstalar this application and look for the application with which you open by default. The choose and you give clear defaults. Now the next time habras a web or file type that is where these changing, we ask that you program a list of possible you want to open it and if you want that to be your default. a greeting!


Go to application manager and delete the default application you’ve selected data to files do not open automatically

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