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The August 30 opened to Spain the Amazon app store , and there was great rejoicing. “Oh, infallible and egregious Amazon,” said Android users, “help us to multiply our applications thousand”, and the sun shone. And the people celebrated it by eating a sheep community. Well, I’ll skip this and go to the point. To use the app store, so it will be. They shall run until 30 simple steps , and account number will be 30. Here we go:

  1. Search the app store to install it on Google Play (oh, is not … will have to go to the source)
  2. Go to the website of Amazon Spain (look to see a link in a corner)
  3. See you can not remotely install the store from the computer, so we left the computer and spent the Android terminal
  4. We visited web download or scan the QR code
  5. Download the apk Store
  6. We install the apk Store
  7. If we have enabled the option to install applications from unknown origins activate it, and repeat the previous step
  8. Go to list of installed applications, and miss you that there appears Amazon App Store
  9. Reinstalling the application … but says it is already installed
  10. Review all applications list closely, see which is called “Apps Store” , and open
  11. Make manually login (not copy and paste from applications KeePassDroid type)
  12. Read error message that says your Amazon / Kindle account is not in Spain , having bought at Amazon USA or UK rather than ES
  13. Leave mobile, back to your computer, load the web Amazon Spain, and configure our shop Amazon / Kindle is the Spanish
  14. Back to login to the “Apps Store” manually.
  15. If it is a paid app, look if Google Play is cheaper
  16. Locate and try to buy the application . For example the free app of the day , to avoid having to configure anything on credit cards and the like
  17. Send to “Buy”
  18. Give “Install”
  19. Read surprise that “we have set the credit card purchase with one-click “although the app is free
  20. Back to the computer, access to our account in Amazon Spain to select a credit card and activate the “one-click”
  21. Back to the terminal, give it back to “Buy”
  22. Give it back to “Install”
  23. Notify me of “oh, this app is great for download with a data rate, expect to have WiFi connection.”Hum, how much is “great”? Can not I decide what to do with my data rate? And if it is unlimited?No, I can not decide
  24. Cursing loudly and, at this point, mourn a little Jakob Nielsen and other usability experts
  25. Turn on WiFi
  26. Give “Buy” for third time
  27. Give “Install” for third time
  28. Finally see how the progress bar moves
  29. Mail notification, apparently just bought an application store Amazon zero euros … facepalm
  30. Installed application . But I have removed the desire to use it.

Yes, after the first purchase everything is simplified. But Amazon has to work on improving the usability of its app store? Noooo, come on …

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