How to be a beta tester of the implementation of Twitter for Android


One of the great innovations that brought Google in the past Google I / O was the option of providinggroups betatesters an application . This is quite useful for offering this reward on a crowdfunding or to get some publicity. Anyway, it’s a very useful function to make sure everything works as it should and avoid future trouble.

Twitter is one of those companies that want to exploit the potential of the groups of beta testers to ensure that their applications work as they expect. They have opened a program in which all stakeholders accept their conditions may test the beta program to test asap developments offer.

For this is very simple. Simply join the discussion group on Google Groups to visit the program pageand automatically enter our Google account. So we will receive the latest news in the application before you get them the rest, with all the consequences that implies.

Among it is very likely that the functions are not fully polished, well that motivate us, but not compel, to give feedback with things that do not work. Remember that enter under your own risk and we are not responsible if the application stops you working, and if so, you can always leave the program.

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