How sincronizáis iTunes and your android?

First of all, I know that much will hate iTunes, but it will be many years that I have been with my iPod and I’m used to and I like it. Besides the songs are tidy, with their labels, stars, play counts and other crap. The case, I tested several applications to synchronize but not convincing. Double Twist is fine … But it’s not iTunes. Although I love the option to sync wirelessly, I can live without it. What is important is that, for example, if I give five stars to a song on your phone, be reflected in iTunes and vice versa.For me the ideal would be a program that is installed on your computer (windows) and deceive iTunes to recognize my phone, but I doubt that it exists. You, how do you do it? Any wonderful program that does not know? Do I stop using iTunes: P?



  • Although not use iTunes (yes, I am one of those who hate him to death … but knowingly XD) I found searching for the “internet networks” a program that promises to do what you ask, is called iSync and below you leave the link:…

They sell several versions, that link is the “Lite” which is free but has a few limitations:

No reproductions synchronized counter (ie it is assumed that the payment if it does)

Just let synchronize a list each time.

Just let synchronize 20 songs per list.

Otherwise, have versions for PC, Mac, and a utility to synchronize with WiFi. So if it does what it promises, for a little over two eurillos have your happy and synchronized iTunes and for a little over three wireless and synchronized happy XD

I hope to serve you 🙂


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