We are in a time after the corresponding developer conferences by Google and Apple and their respective presentations of Android M and iOS nine respectively, many users already settled both versions at its terminals to start testing. We have seen how to update an iPhone or iPad with iOS 9 and a way back to iOS 8.3 for iOS in September, so now we are going to focus on the Android platform and we will show how to carry installed simultaneously M and Lollipop Android in our mobile thanks to our fellow MovilZona .

Recall that only the Nexus 6 Nexus 5 and Nexus 9 can install Android M , since it is the developer version of the new operating system from Google, a version however is on probation and therefore something happens like what They have noted that iOS users who have tried iOS 9 and which are systems with many failures and yet unresolved bugs .

That said, few users will therefore be those who dare to use Android M and discover its new features, especially when also recently have been upgraded to Lollipop, a version of the much more stable and smooth system. Well, in the video made ​​by one of the partners is MovilZona all steps necessary to ensure that the two systems coexist in the same terminaland not have to give up the stability of Lollipop and to test the new features of Android M.

In the video you can see how to do it on a Nexus 6, where they will go inidicando each and every one of the steps and show all links that you need to download and install the terminal, which otherwise should It is rooted .

If during the process you get to a point where we stay locked or have any questions on how to move, not you hesitate to indicate it as a comment on the news itself or enter the forum that MovilZona where there is already a specific post about it .

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