How have installed Android Lollipop M and simultaneously (Video tutorial)


We started with what will be, hopefully, a long list of video tutorials in which we are going to show up the last of the secrets hidden in your smartphones. In this first installment we focus on one of the most highly topical elements, Android M , and the ability to take Lollipop installed simultaneously on the same terminal.

Currently, only the Nexus 6 Nexus Nexus 5 and 9 , as we explain, can install Android M, ie, the developer version of the new operating system from Google. Now, no longer a trial software, which is not without flaws and bugs yet to be resolved, so it is not advisable to use it for day to day in front of a Lollipop and much more polished.

However, there is no reason to give up having Lollipop stability and to test the new features of Android M. How is it possible? He reveals one of our collaborators, perhaps the most knowledgeable of these issues, Stefano Gi l. Surely if you are regular readers of MovilZona you sound your name as it is the responsibility of bringing you week after week the best and most detailed summary of all the activity related to the ROM scene through his “ROM Update Section “.

Armed with a brand new Nexus 6 , now not only going will be able to read, but also listen because you will take and comment step by step everything that makes your need to download and install Android M and Lollipop , if you have a compatible terminal.

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Throughout the movie appear in overlapping notes the links to go by downloading the necessary elements for this tutorial, first, you require that your terminal is rooted. How only can be done in the Nexus (the only compatible with Android M) here are different tutorials to get root access to them:

On the other hand, that you may have at hand all the necessary applications, in the following link you can find the download of Android ROMs M for yours device:

Finally, these are the ones that have been used to perform the process described in the video:


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