How do you know which version of Android do I have?

Also among Android versions they change a bit the place of things, the names of menus, etc. so asking for help may be an important thing to give. Do not worry because it is easy to know which version of Android is running on your smartphone. Maybe the way each manufacturer is a little different but in general is almost always very similar.

How do I know

Enter menu where you can view all your applications. Search ‘Settings’ usually has a symbol like a nut.
In ‘Settings’, look where it says ‘About Phone’, ‘About your device’ or ‘About’, it is almost always accompanied by a symbol with an ‘i’ information within a circle.
At this point, two things can happen depending on the manufacturer of your smartphone. You may already us the information we were looking for ‘Android version’ is displayed or may need to search within ‘Software Information’ where now we find our version of Android.
Below I leave some screenshots of what it would be the same process on a Motorola Moto G, on a HTC One M8, a Samsung Galaxy S5, and LG G3.

motog version androids5 version android

m8 version android

g3 version android

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