Hangouts rumored to lose SMS/MMS functionality

Google Hangouts has long been used as both a way to use the Hangouts chat functionality and text others. The app even combined the two into one chat log and let you decide which to use at different times. Though this functionality is nice, the app itself has been problematic for many.

A new rumor claims that Google will be stripping Hangouts of SMS and MMS functionality. Thankfully, the rumor also states that Project Fi and Google Voice functionality will remain alongside the standard Hangouts chat. And this makes sense, as the Google Messenger SMS app has become polished and user-friendly.

Once the change comes, if it comes at all, users will be asked to download the Google Messenger app, though you’ll be able to use any third-party SMS app you want. Google employees are apparently already testing the app without SMS. What do you think of this change? Do you still use Hangouts for text messaging? Leave a comment!

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