Google’s photo sharing and storage service could debut at I/O

Following Google’s recent decision to begin storing users Google+ photos in a “Google Photos” section of Google Drive, a new report suggests that Google is going to separate Photos from Google+ even further in the near future.

Sources speaking to Bloomberg say that Google will announce a online photo storage service at I/O later this month. In addition to storing photos, the service will allegedly allow users to easily share images to Facebook and Twitter.

Sundar Pichai, Google’s SVP of Android, Chrome, and Apps, recently hinted that Google planned to separate Google+’s photos, messaging, and stream and focus on them as three separate entities rather than as one whole. Because of that statement, it’s no surprise that Google could end up launching its own photo service, and that’s probably a wise move. The decision to launch a dedicated Google photo storage service could be much more attractive to consumers than trying to get them to store their photos in G+.

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