Google’s new wearable is super focused on health

Google’s main wearables effort is Android Wear, but today the company revealed a new wearable device with a focus other than alerting you to your smartwatch notifications.

Google X is working on a new wristband that’s focused on health and can measure your pulse, heartbeat rhythm, and skin temperature. It can also measure environmental info related to noise levels and light exposure. The wearable itself looks like a pretty simple wearable with a rectangular body, small screen, and a rubber band.

Google’s Andy Conrad says that the purpose of this wearable is to be “a medical device that’s prescribed to patients or used for clinical trials.” Since it’s so heavily focused on medical applications, the device won’t be marketed to consumers.

We’re sure that a lot of us would like to get Google’s new wearable on our wrists, but because it’s so health-focused, most of us probably wouldn’t get a ton of use out of it. After all, how often would you care to know your skin temperature? But this wristband looks like a pretty nifty device for medical uses, providing a bunch of medical info at a glance.

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