Google’s new My Account page gives easy access to privacy and security tools

Google has long let you do things like view your search history and download your account data, but today they launched a new tool to make all of that even simpler.

Google’s new My Account site offers everything you need to “control, protect, and secure your account, all in one place.” That includes checkups to ensure that your info is private and your account is secure, the ability to view the devices that you’ve signed into Google on, view your location history, control which apps are connected to your account, and even delete your entire account if you want to leave the world of Google for one reason or another.


In addition to the My Account tool, Google’s got a new Privacy page to answer commonly asked questions. Included on the page are links to information like the type of data that Google gathers, whether or not the company sells personal data, and what Google does with the information that it collects.

Many of us have likely known about these tools for a while now, but it’s nice for Google to launch a page that has them all in one place. Doing so informs the public that they’ve got these tools at their disposal, and even if you already know about ‘em, it gives you a one-stop shop to access them. To check out the My Account tool and see all of the data that Google’s got on you, just hit up

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