Google’s new Android developer training programs and Nanodegree via Udacity

At Google I/O last week, Sundar Pichai announced a new Android development training program named Nanodegrees. Google wants to enable the next generation of Android developers because they see how fast Android is growing and how they need bright minds like you to make it awesome. They have partnered with Udacity, a leader in scalable online education, to make Nanodegrees a reality. Google invested more than $4 million in developing this curriculum. I think it’s awesome; I’ve always wanted to dip my hands in Android programming. Now I’m trying to figure out how or if I can fit this in my life, because why not?

What Google is currently offering in its Android development Nanodegree is an intermediate level course that will last 9-12 months. This is not for beginners like me. You work at your own pace and are supposed to spend a minimum of 10 hours per week. The course costs $200 per month and provides you with “access to coaches who will review your code, provide guidance on your project, answer questions about the class, and help keep you on track when you need it.” The Nanodegree has several different courses, including Google Play Services: Use Google APIs to Improve Your Apps and Android Design for Developers: Make Your Apps Material. It also has a capstone project where the coaches help you develop an app of your own. When you’re  one with the Android development Nanodegree, you’re supposedly going to have what it takes to be a full-fledged Android developer. If you enroll by June 8th and finish the degree within 12 months, you can get half your tuition back. What a deal.

Additionally, Google will be inviting 50 Android Nanodegree graduates to Google’s headquarters for a three-day intensive Android Career Summit in November. What if it’s you?!? I guess you’ll need to crank through the program quickly. “Participants will have the opportunity to experience Google’s company culture and attend workshops focused on developing their personal career paths. Participants will then leverage the skills learned from Udacity’s Android Nanodegree during a two-day hackathon.” Tomorrow, June 3rd at 2pm PDT, Google and Udacity are partnering up for an “Ask the Experts” livestream series in which they’ll answer questions about the Nanodegrees. For more details, check out the Android Developer blog link below.

Google is also targeting on developer growth outside of the USA. One of their first focuses has been working with the government of Egypt and Udacity on fully-dubbed Arabic videos for the Nanodegree. Google is also going to be offering 2000 scholarships to Arabic students, as well as job fairs and help with connecting students to local employers.

Android Development Beginner Training Google Udacity

In addition to the awesome Nanodegrees, Google and Udacity are offering Android Development training courses free. That’s right, zero dollars. The training courses are offered online through Udacity and are held by expert Google Instructors. Course offerings range from beginning Android programming, where zero experience is required (like me), to training for advanced developers. I just signed up for the beginning course and am excited to get my hands dirty. Courses can be found at

Who is excited about how easy Google is making it to learn how to develop on Android? I know I am. I’ve been wanting to give it a go for a while, and now I’ve finally been shown an avenue to try it out. Are you going to try out the free training? Are you enrolling in a Nanodegree? Or do you think it’s a huge waste of time? Is there a better route? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

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