Google’s Hands Free payment service is exactly what it sounds like

With the debut of Android Pay, Google doubled its number of mobile payments services. Now another has been revealed, bringing the total number of Google payment services to three.

Google Hands Free is a new payment system that, well, will let you pay for things without using your hands. The demo video shows a person simply telling the cashier that she’d like to “pay with Google,” and then the cashier tells her that’s she’s all set. Google says that your full credit card info won’t be shared with retailers and that when you do successfully make a payment, you’ll get an alert on your phone.

Hands Free is going to launch in preview mode this year, but it’s only going to be available in the San Francisco Bay Area initially. So far, only two businesses have been announced for the Hands Free program: McDonald’s and Papa John’s.

Google’s not saying much else about Hands Free, so it’s not clear exactly how the service works. Hands Free definitely looks cool, though, making contactless payments even easier than they are with a smartwatch or smartphone. Simply saying that you’d like to pay with Google will eliminate the time that you’d take to fumble through a wallet, fish your phone out of your pocket, or contort your wrist to meet the contactless payment terminal.

Here’s to hoping that Hands Free expands beyond San Francisco quickly.

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