Google will send native Android notifications when a new device accesses your account

Keeping your accounts secure is more important than ever these days, so Google wants to make sure you can keep tabs on which devices access your accounts, especially when a new one is added.

Google has announced that native Android notifications will now be sent out when your account is added to a new device, or when there is another security event in action. Google’s notification will read that “A new device accessed your Google Account,” and you will then have the ability to activate that notification and head into a “Review Account Activity” section.

Google Account notification

Once the new page is loaded to review recent activity, Google will provide information about the device and the location where it’s located, along with the IP address for good measure. There will be two options: “Yes, that was me” and “No, Secure Account.”

Google says the new feature is rolling out to all users.

What do you think of the extra layer of security?

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