Google will give Nexus users a $20 Best Buy gift card if they use Android Pay

Mobile payments are becoming a big deal, with Google, Samsung and Apple all making big pushes into the market. Google has been making a new, concerted effort with Android Pay, its NFC payment system that makes it easy to tap and pay at many different retailers. But adoption is still a struggle for mobile payment services, so Google is making an offer to incentivize those that will likely be interested in giving Android Pay a shot.

Between now and December 31, Nexus users will receive a $20 Best Buy gift card if they use Android Pay for an NFC payment. There’s nothing to fill out and no special trick to get the gift card, Google is simply trying to get more users to give Android Pay a try. After you’ve used Android Pay (between now and December 31), a $20 Best Buy gift card will be added to your Android Pay app.

The gift cards are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so there is the chance that they may run out before you get around to using Android Pay. But the opportunity to get a gift card for something as easy as using Android Pay should prove to be motivation for plenty of people. For the full rules, follow the source link below.

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