Google wants to find the best Android phone for you

Having trouble selecting your next Android phone? Google to the rescue!

Google today launched a new “Which Phone” tool on its official Android site that aims to help you find the perfect phone for you. The process starts by you selecting a few things that you plan to use your phone for, like taking photos, gaming, talking, social media, and more. Google will then ask one or two more questions in each section to get a better idea of how you use your phone.


Once you’re done, Google will present some phones that it thinks will be best for you. Included are images of the phone, a few standout features that explain why Google thinks the phone is good for you, and even links to the carrier stores so that you can buy the phone right away.

One of the great things about Android is the variety of phones that are available. There are big phones, small phones, phones with beefy cameras, phones with super high-resolution screens, phones with ginormous batteries, and more. The problem is that this huge selection can be a bit overwhelming to some consumers. Google’s Which Phone tool aims to take care of this issue, and it does so in a quick and easy to understand manner, explaining in clear language why a device will be a good fit for a person.

To try the tool for yourself, hit up the link below. Be sure to tell us which phones Google suggests for you!

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