Google shifting Hangouts on Air from Google+ to YouTube Live

Hangouts on Air was a great tool for live streaming and communication, but Google has moved ahead of it. With the introduction of YouTube Live for live streaming, it was a bit surprising that the two services remained separate.

That’s no longer going to be the case though, as Google has announced that future Hangouts on Air livestreams will need to be done through YouTube Live starting September 12.

It’s a move that makes sense; moving Hangouts on Air users to YouTube Live means only needing one service rather than two similar ones. Unfortunately, this also means that some features will be lost. The Q&A feature many YouTubers use for their Q&A livestreams is gone, as are the Showcase and Applause features.

How many of you still use Hangouts on Air? Will YouTube Live adequately replace it for you? Leave a comment!

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