Google says Galaxy S8 will be updated to support Daydream VR, standalone VR headsets also in the works

In addition to Google Home, Google Assistant, and Android O, Google’s Daydream virtual reality effort got some stage time during today’s I/O keynote.

Google revealed today that the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ will be updated to support Daydream VR this summer. This is big news for the Daydream platform, as the GS8 and GS8+ are sure to be two of 2017’s biggest Android releases. This news is also notable because Samsung already has its own VR platform that the GS8 and GS8+ support, called Gear VR, but apparently Google was able to convince Samsung give the phones Daydream VR support, too.

Google also said that an LG flagship that’s launching later this year will support Daydream, too. No other details about that device were given, but considering LG’s flagship release history from the past couple of years, it’s possible that Google is referring to the LG V30.

In other VR news, Google revealed that it plans to launch standalone VR headsets, which means that they won’t require a phone or computer to work. Google is working with Qualcomm on a reference design and plans to collaborate with HTC and Lenovo on standalone VR headsets. The first of these standalone VR headsets is expected to launch later this year.



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