Google rumored to be working on new messaging service with chatbots

Google Hangouts has never been an extremely successful messaging service. Most people use apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Line, and many others. And with the rumors of Google removing SMS support from the Hangouts app, it seems that Hangouts isn’t getting much attention.

The latest rumors say that Google is working on an entirely new messaging service, but instead of just providing messaging capabilities, it will also feature chatbots. You’ll be able to message these chatbots questions and get results based on web searches. There might even be third-party chatbot support so that you can use services other than Google.

Not only will it potentially get people using a Google messaging service, it’ll also help Google keep its search engine dominance. With other chatbot services in the works or already out to a degree, people will be using other services over Google’s for some tasks.

While it’s all just rumors so far, it makes sense for Google to be working on this. As a master of search engines, it’s a natural progression. Hopefully it’ll be more successful than Hangouts! What do you think of this new rumored service? Do you see a use in chatbots? Leave a comment!

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