Google releases previous Moto-exclusive Spotlight Stories

Spotlight Stories was a huge part of Motorola’s charm. It’s an app that feature some “stories,” which are basically animated shorts with an interactive twist. To follow the action, you rotate the phone (and yourself) to see everything that’s going on. The stories are beautiful, well made, and often simply adorable.

For those who haven’t owned a recent Motorola phone, I would urge them to find a Moto owner just to see these stories. Despite being a small detail, they were seriously cool. And the way they would show up, with a random little thing floating down your homescreen out of nowhere, was awesome as well. But Google has now released the Google Spotlight Stories app to the Play Store, so everyone can experience the cool little animations on their own phone!

When Motorola was purchased by Google, the ATAP division was kept when the rest of Motorola was sold off. The Spotlight Stories came from the ATAP division, so that’s how Google has managed to release a previously Motorola exclusive app on the Play Store. And in addition to having all the old animations, a new one is now available for download!

The new animation, called “Help,” is 1GB in size and is currently free. Apparently it will become paid at a certain point, so download it quick! Google might start selling Spotlight Stories, which is an interesting business move. I’m not sure how many people will be buying stories, but I will probably be one of them.

Hit the source link to download the app and check out all the cool stuff in it! And if it’s not working on your phone, wait for an update because there are still some bugs Google hasn’t worked out.

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